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Some of Our Success Stories

Going Big with Grinaker LTA!

Chehan Ideaneers cast rehearsing for their nationwide spectacular!

"Dear Cherylene Just a short and somewhat belated note to thank you and your team for the effort that you put into assisting Grinaker-LTA in launching the Change Management programme to our senior staff at Emperor’s Casino in January 2010.

It was an incredible two days and the essence of what we were trying to do was captured and put across so aptly by your troupe. To a man, all that were present realised that we were serious about the Change Management programme and were blown away by the professionalism of the occasion. Your team created a relaxed environment that enabled the better facilitation of a difficult subject.

The fact that you were appointed late in the 4th quarter of 2009 for a Big Bang launch in the middle of January 2010, with Christmas in between, did little to detract from a wonderful effort on the day. I know you and your team worked tirelessly over December to deliver on your promise – and you did.

Well done to each and every one of you. As you know, I have subsequently left Grinaker-LTA but I know that I have left a legacy of Change in that organisation that will better allow it to manage its future, and the Big Bang launch of 15/16 January 2010 during my tenure as Group Managing Director will long be remembered by all those that attended."

Neil Cloete (previously, Grinaker LTA)

Diversity Corporate Cabaret at North West University

Duke Motlanthe (as Stevie Wonder), Cherylene de Jager (MM and CIO: CheHan Ideaneers), Eloise Cupido (as Tina Turner), Jonathan Roxmouth (as Mozart) and Victor Mothobi (Executive Director: Human Captital Develoment: North West University) presented an innovative Corporate Cabaret commissioned by North West University (NWU). Titled "Harmonizing Diversity", it addressed identified issues regarding diversity.

An Ideaneers masterpiece! An innovative Corporate Cabaret, Harmonizing Diversity, was commissioned by North West University (NWU) to address identified issues with regard to diversity. Metaphors were used to illustrate diversity issues.

Mozart, Tina Turner and Stevie Wonder were creatively used to portray diversity stereotypes. Mozart was played by the talented Jonathan Roxmouth, Stevie Wonder was portrayed by Duke Motlanthe and Tina Turner was portrayed by the popular Eloise Cupido. The evergreen actress, Liz Meiring did the voice-overs.

The show was commissioned by Victor Mothobi: Executive Director: Human Capital Development of NWU. CheHan Ideaneers would like to thank Victor and Professor Madoda Zibi for the opportunity to be part of such a wonderful project.

EXXARO Software Application Program (SAP) Corporate Cabaret

EXXARO is a South African-based mining group which made use of industrial theatre to communicate payslip changes.

CheHan Ideaneers created the script and used professional Ideaneers actors to help make payslip changes easy, visual and understandable.

EXXARO introduced the Software Application Program (SAP), and subsequently changes were made on the payslips for the employees. CheHan Ideaneers was tasked with designing an Industrial Theatre show which would communicate these changes in an entertaining and fun-filled way

Chehan's Industrial Theatre shows rely on audio-visual demonstrations that convey complex business messages. The shows are designed to facilitate and simplify change management processes. They also provide pertinent details such as contact information for further assistance, as well as issue information handouts at the show to reinforce the delivery.

Skilled actors are employed to lead the process and co-opt participants. Popular themes such as the game of soccer help to keep the attendees' focus and attention on the subject matter at hand.

The objective is for the audience to have a few good laughs, to be spoken to by people they can relate to, and to communicate complex ideas in instantly recognisable visual imagery.