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Chehan Ideaneers, founded by Creative Mastermind Cherylene de Jager
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CheHan Ideaneers Creative Partnerships

CheHan Ideaneers are driven by:

To this end, we handpick other creatives to partner with.

CheHan Ideaneers Associates

CheHan Ideaneers are privileged to explore the road less travelled with Fopspeen Moving Pictures.

The translating genius that has evolved between the two managing members can at a very basic level be compared to the relationship that existed between Goscinny and Uderzo.

Diek Grobler, master mind of Fopspeen Moving Pictures, animator and artist extraordinaire, can translate the business brilliance of Cherylene de Jager, Chief Imagination Officer of CheHan Ideaneers, change agent and creative diva into artistic pictures that speak more than a 1000 words!

The day was lots of fun and didn't feel like hard work at all. It was good to get to know my colleagues and to see them as people. Staff members at ABSA bank, Johannesburg