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Chehan Ideaneers, founded by Creative Mastermind Cherylene de Jager
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So you want to know more about Ideaneering?

CheHan Ideaneers is a small business with HUGE ideas and innovative entrepreneurial flair! Chehan Ideaneers is a South African company and we understand the southern African context. Chehan was founded by Cherylene de Jager (Chief Imagination Officer / Change Agent / Creative Diva) who strives to give you corporate innovation workshops that deliver results and revitalise your company.

CheHan has a story to tell and it all starts with you, our current and future clients. Our overarching life-theme (mission) is to assist organizations to unleash their creative potential to ideaneer a story that will result in creating a legend that will leave a legacy of business brilliance!

We are a visionary business with a definite vision for what we want to achieve. We want:

Cherylene and her Ideaneers apply years of experience and many years of study to every unique corporate problem and creates an individualised Chehan Ideaneers Innovation Workshop or Programme for each company.

We work for companies big and small. We will help you discover your colleagues in a way you never knew them before, we let you discover the value your company already has and show you how to maximise that value. We will do more to help you mine the inner value of your company and help you solve your corporate problems big and small.

Our question to you is “Do you want to turn the everyday into a legacy of brilliance?”

Then you are ready to start your creative metamorphosis and CheHan Ideaneers should be your Creativity and Innovation Partner!

"Just a short note to say thank you for a superb presentation on Friday – it was immensely enjoyed by us all. Keep up the fabulous work your team and you are doing." Regards, Janette P. Munsamy [Absa Insurance and Financial Advisers]